Home Renovation Basics

The need to renovate a house may arise due to different reasons such as the purchase of a rundown house that needs a facelift or the need to modernise your house to meet modern trends. However, the first step to a successful renovation is to determine the budget estimates for the whole process including labour, cost of materials and other miscellaneous costs. Next, you will need to identify the skills required to complete the job successfully. After this, you should set out to find a viable company or individual to take charge of the process. This can be done through referral, personal research or through competitive bidding. Through out the process close supervision is required to ensure that you achieve what you wanted. However, professionalism is important since you will be dealing with experts and their professional opinions, especially in the face of disagreement may turn out to be the most viable option.

Audit and analysis before renovation

In the beginning, it is essential to carry out a detailed audit of the house in order to identify the areas that require renovation. Is the plumbing system working well? Are there leaking joints, are different pipes rusty, does the dosing pot need to be replaced? Are there any leaking gas pipes? Is the HVAC system working effectively, the air filters, does the cooling system need to be improved? What about the paint? Are there areas that look washed down or would you like to change the colours in some of the rooms?

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The renovation could be done in phases in case there are budgetary limitations or they could be done consecutively. In the former, the most urgent needs should be identified and scheduled first. Remember to acquire all the necessary licenses, to consider the neighbourhood association rules and dispose off the waste in the prescribed manner to prevent legal issues and interruptions or the project.

Home renovation as a career path

Every year, thousands of houses undergo renovation albeit simple renovations like repainting the house or complex renovations such ass overhauling the whole kitchen. Therefore there are numerous opportunities in the field. With the right skills, experience and doing an exceptional job should an opportunity arise, you are bound to get constant flow of work. But what skills would you require to build a firm or career in renovations? Painting, plumbing, HVAC expertise, masonry, roofing skills, electrician and even design skills are required. However, you may choose to specialise in a field of your choice or build an organisation that has departments specialising in each of these areas.

Why home renovation is a good career path

Given that houses are constantly being renovated annually, there will be a constant flow of jobs. During summer and spring, renovation works will be in so much demand. With high demand , the fees for services will be substantially higher during this time generating high returns for you. A career in renovations is also a good way to earn a living while assisting the community in improving the standards of living. Besides this, it is also an avenue to utilise your talents.